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Welome to, where you can explore and learn about spirituality and various spiritual/metaphysical information and ideas concerning this infinite Matrix of Awareness & Creation that is often referred to as "God," "Great Spirit," or other titles. There are also many resources on topics of holistic health, consciousness, suppressed science & history, and just about anything that can expand one's awareness and expose visitors to new paradigms of thought and knowledge. This site is non-denominational and is not affiliated with any church or religious institution. The views expressed here [excluding off-site links] are those of the site's author, Jed Shlackman (, who is known to revise and clarify comments at times. Any comments and criticisms expressed in a clear and respectful manner will be appreciated.

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Keep in mind that this site's creator does not necessarily agree with all the information and statements made at other sites [and may not even fully agree with his own comments from one day to the next!].

Keep your mind and heart open and active in integrating information and viewpoints from various sources. Read the site mission statement further down on the page.

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    Off-Site Links

    These are links to sites with cutting edge information and news on science, metaphysics, spirituality, world control paradigms, and consciousness. Some of the sites contain extensive information about dark polarity activities. Bringing to light these activities is important for increasing balance and awareness. Only by confronting the "shadow" on a personal and collective level will we complete our range of lessons and soul development on Earth. Many people who have been very much into "love and light" will be shocked and possibly maintain denial about some of these topics, as discovering that civilization has been primarily controlled by the "dark side" may seem unbelievable. However, the Universe is built on balanced polarities. Both polarities are essential illusions of this level of existence. Dark polarity likes to be deceitful, manipulative, and to control or dominate others. When a civilization contains hierarchies of control and organization, it can be expected that those serving dark side motives will climb to the highest levels of control, often hiding their activities behind positive public statements and organizations with public humanitarian goals. Light polarity thinks that it can defeat dark polarity by sending love or by ignoring darkness (see no evil, hear no evil, etc.). In reality, at this level of experience, polarities must exist and can't be "defeated." Instead, polarities must transform into balance. Dark polarity thrives on the ignorance and victimhood approaches of light polarity, as people such as Adolf Hitler have commented on how the lack of thinking and investigation by the public is beneficial to their plans. It has also been noted that people have been more inclined to fall for grand deceptions than for small ones. That's no surprise, since physical reality as a whole (or holo-graph) is a type of illusion, which few people see through. So for those who are "light-workers," be careful to avoid confusing light work and energy work for light polarity. Things we resist confronting will persist, and that which we try to deny will maintain power over us until we integrate it into the whole of our psyche. By getting stuck in a polarity you are just maintaining your polarity drama experience. "Love" and other traits that are often confused with light polarity (because light polarity becomes overly focused on these) are important to develop, but sweetness and kindness are not productive responses when you are attacked by a dark side entity. Think about what a "balance" response might be - one where you don't just allow people to take advantage of you or harm you, while you also don't become dark and hateful toward others. If you "love one another as yourselves" then you will wish to do what is most beneficial for another individual and for your own personal growth. Sometimes this can mean rebuking someone, sometimes it means saying "no" to someone who is overly dependent or manipulative, and sometimes it means being kind and nurturing. Your experience and discernment help you recognize what is a balanced way of approaching situations. Thus, you can see why we need both a "sweet" side and a "tough" side, and we have to have mastery over these so they can be used in a balanced manner. Enjoy the resources below, and be sure to go to the "paranormal" links page for a long list of useful books to read and websites to view.

    Spiritual & Metaphysical Resources

  • Conversations With God Organization
  • HeartScience Foundation: Living Energy Universe
  • Gary Zukav's Science & Spirituality
  • James Redfield's Celestine Vision
  • Leading Edge Research Group
  • Handbook For The New Paradigm Trilogy (Online Version)
  • Cassiopaeans' Info & Research On Spiritual Growth & Earth Civilization
  • David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos/Ascension 2000, Edgar Cayce/Law Of One/New Physics/Intuitive Dreams/Spiritual Evolution
  • Probable Future: Remote Viewing Info & Discussion Of The Matrix Of Existence/Awareness/Experience
  • The Great Illusion
  • Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Online: Morphic Fields
  • A Course In Miracles
  • CTP Energy Systems - The Conscious Network Of Energy Behind Everything
  • The Field Online
  • Science & Spirit
  • Noetic Sciences
  • The Monroe Institute: Out Of Body Travel, Hemi-Sync, & Human Potential
  • Dan Millman, The Peaceful Warrior
  • American Society Of Dowsers
  • Cosmic Awareness Communication
  • Don Miguel Ruiz, Toltec Shaman
  • CenterPointe Research: Personal Growth & HoloSync Audio
  • Meditation Center
  • Division Theory: Binary Consciousness & The Lost Secret Of Death
  • Going Deeper
  • Robert MorningSky - Sacred Journeys, Secret Worlds, Supernatural Beings
  • The New Perspective
  • The Teachings Of Abraham - Law Of Attraction & More
  • Conscious Media Network - Holistic Video Shows

    Alternative News & Information Sources

  • Jeff Rense's Radio & Alternative Information
  • Richard Hoagland's Hyperdimensional Physics & Mars Research
  • David Icke's Research: Global Elite Activities & Spiritual/Holistic Solutions
  • Free David Icke "Ruled By The Gods"/Biggest Secret Video Downloads (5 Hour Lecture In Real Video)
  • The Propaganda Matrix
  • Educate Yourself
  • Stewart Swerdlow's Expansions (Spirituality, Healing, Illuminati News & More)
  • Jon Rappoport's No More Fake News
  • RumorMillNews & RMNews Yahoo! Breaking News Forum
  • Free Press International
  • Sherman Skolnick's Political/Elites Crimes & Corruption Reports
  • What Really Happened
  • The Truth Campaign
  • Break For News
  • Cloak & Dagger Radio & News
  • Mike Ruppert's - From The Wilderness
  • Global Insights: The Handbook For The New Paradigm Trilogy & More
  • Serendipity: Alternative News & Info Resources
  • The Spectrum Alternative News
  • Hermes Press: Enlightening Publications
  • Nexus Magazine
  • Online Journal
  • The Arctic Beacon

    The mission of this site is to assist all seekers of wisdom and spiritual growth, by providing insights, commentary, and other resources about God (The Universal Consciousness/Awareness), Christ (a mytho-historical persona, astro-theological symbol of the Sun, with the sun also representing the life-giving, masculine aspect of Creation), spirituality, mysticism, and both basic and esoteric doctrines and ideas concerning the divine/source, humankind's relation to the divine, and the mysteries of creation (higher densities, dimensionality/frequencies, metaphysical process of creation, etc.). Information from a very wide variety of sources is considered in this endeavor. It is the author's contention that no earthly religious institution presents the complete, perfect truth about these matters, although many profound truths are presented among texts and scriptures of varying religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Sufi Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Kabbalism, Gnosticism, Spiritualism, New Age/New Thought Spirituality, Shamanism, and ancient native and aboriginal spiritual religions/traditions all around the world. Several factors have led to many distortions and misperceptions about spiritual reality, and sometimes a half-truth can be more dangerous than complete ignorance. Thus, there are valid criticisms of various religious traditions, leading some people to distrust and abandon faith and spirituality altogether. I encourage all people to seek truth, balance, awareness, one-ness, and compassion, rather than blind allegiance to traditions and earthly doctrines, which have so often led to enmity and injustice rather than "love" as prescribed by the literary character of Jesus, the "Christ", who is quoted as stating that all "Law" is summed up as what has become known as the "golden rule." The Golden Rule as usually taught is a moralized representation of the concept that All Is One - A Source of Balance from which all Creation arises. Love is the feeling of connection that binds Creation, which leads us to have concern for others and respect for the totality of life and creation rather than just a concern only for one's illusory individuated self.

    Quotes and comments on the "Law Of One"/"Golden Rule" from texts quoting a "Christ" character.

    Remember that the dimensions and existences mentioned in commentaries here are for the purposes of this discussion equivalent to "thought-forms," or "thought fields," as consciousness and thought is the primordial form of energy that gives rise to all other manifestations of energy/reality. The concept of a holographic universe is also useful as an analogy, as the Universe does operate like an evolving holographic program, that would not be present if the Source ceased to project itself. Furthermore, the sensory experience of physical reality resulting from our human brain processing has been described by leading edge scientists as holographic in nature. There are people with a condition called synaesthesia who process stimuli differently, as they may hear sounds/music upon encountering stimuli perceived only visually or tactilely by others, they may see colors associated with particular letters or geometric figures, even if the figures are in black and white, as well as having other forms of seeming mix-ups of senses. This "glitch" is actually a clue to the truth that our experience of this reality is quite illusory and subjective.

    We will always encounter the experiences that our soul recognizes as necessary for growth. We are each responsible for our own personal development and spiritual growth. This is a built-in function of the "program." Let's take responsibility for our evolution!
    Praise to the Great Spirit/Creator/I AM/Source/Is-ness/Universal Mind/Matrix/Supreme Be-ing!
    Peace be with you,

    This site will undergo continuous construction (I hope to rearrange the links pages and revise the topical commentaries more). Meanwhile, begin your explorations from the links above.

    "What is the Matrix?" -Neo
    "The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." -Morpheus [The Matrix]

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