Neuromodulation Technique (NMT)

Neuromodulation Technique is a proprietary technique developed by Leslie Feinberg, D.C. based upon his many years of research in energy medicine and complementary healing methods. Dr. Feinberg began training others in this method in the year 2002, and in an impressively short period of time he has trained hundreds of practitioners and collected numerous clinical reports demonstrating the power of the method to help patients heal themselves of a wide variety of health challenges. I was trained by Dr. Feinberg in a course presented during November 2003. The first person I treated with this method was my mother, who had numerous food sensitivities and had obtained a listing of her food sensitivities identified in an AL-CAT blood test. She also had chronic digestive disturbances associated to some extent with the food sensitivities. After one NMT session, my mother began to eat many of the foods that she had previously tested sensitive to with no symptoms, and no longer displayed clinically significant levels of digestive disturbance. I have also experienced positive results with myself after NMT treatment, and have received positive feedback from others who I have begun to treat. During the training course, Dr. Feinberg was able to demonstrate his methods on several volunteers. All of the volunteers reported rapid improvement in symptoms they presented with, such as physical pain, muscular tension, and chemical sensitivities, with some of these individuals having maintained their symptoms for many years.

All reality is composed of consciousness reflected in energy and vibration. Whenever there is a disturbance in physical or mental functioning, some level of a person's other-than-conscious control system is aware of the disturbance and of a template for normal functioning that can be used to correct the identified malfunction. Neuromodulation Technique is a means in which a practitioner can establish communication with the "other-than-conscious" control system using muscle response testing, thereby helping that system recognize and correct any information processing faults that may contribute to health issues. NMT treats the person rather than specific symptoms or disorders, even though it is useful to describe or identify any health concerns at the start of treatment. From my perspective, NMT incorporates principles based on the most advanced research in quantum physics, quantum biology, psychology, parapsychology, energy medicine, oriental medicine, neuroscience, and physiology. It is fully compatible with other forms of health care, and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, and other mainstream medical sciences can be used in communicating with the other-than-conscious control system in order to assess and modulate functioning. NMT addresses issues from the "inside out" focusing on consciousness and information flow through systems, rather than focusing on the outside only, as most allopathic medical diagnostic and treatment methods do. By going beyond the "surface" level of a person's being, NMT can often facilitate more lasting relief from health problems and address issues that have been unresponsive to other treatments. I strongly encourage anyone visiting this page to go to the NMT website for more information about this new paradigm in health care.

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Neuromodulation Technique

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