Nibiru/Planet X: Navigating The Sea Of Info/Disinfo

April 28, 2002 (Last revised May 22, 2002)

The Alternative Press & various metaphysical sources are dishing out lots of information about the alleged return of planet x, referred to as "Nibiru" in ancient Sumerian texts popularized by Zecharia Sitchin.

One of the more prominent sources of information about the topic is ZetaTalk, a set of transcripts provided by Nancy Leider based on her ongoing channelings and contact with a group of Zeta-Reticulan beings. These entities claim to be a service-to-others oriented group that wish to warn humans of an inevitable "crossing" of Nibiru through our solar system, which they say will result in a pole shift of the Earth in 2003. If you read through the various messages provided on the ZetaTalk website or the print version of the transcripts published a couple years back you may notice that Nancy's source seems to provide some partially accurate predictions about geographical trends on our planet, as well as giving an opinion about all sorts of New Age metaphysical and conspiracy topics. However, some aspects of the messages seem to provide clear disinformation, and seem to encourage many people to trust the seemingly helpful alien visitors, including this supposedly independent Zeta group. These Zetas admittedly have interests in cross-breeding and genetic engineering, and intend to make the Earth a home where they can live openly (instead of maintaining their presence underground and/or interdimensionally).

Now, I just happened upon an interview of Sitchin on the Art Bell Show, from 1995. Art asked him about when the return of Nibiru would be expected, and Sitchin displayed discomfort with the question, successfully requesting that Art move to the next question. However, in response to queries about the Hale-Bopp "comet," Sitchin indicated that this object appeared to be something other than just a comet, and that Hale-Bopp was most likely a harbinger of the return of Nibiru.

In the research carried out by Laura Knight, of the website, it is made apparent that there are periodic eras of calamities and turmoils in civilization falling in a cyclical period of approximately 3600 years, the period ascribed to the orbit of "Nibiru" by Sitchin. However, the global mythos associated with these calamities does not point to a single planetary body triggering the chaos. Instead, it would appear that a cluster of comets or planetoids of some sort pass through the solar system. Based upon the pattern, we are in the period of turmoil right now, circa 2000 A.D.

Now, Al Bielek and Stewart Swerdlow have claimed that Hale-Bopp was an alien-controlled object that was successfully repelled by the Illuminati/Shadow Government forces. Sitchin's comments on the 1995 Art Bell appearance also suggest that Hale-Bopp contained some artificial power source.

Recently, an item from the Russian media came out which is quoted here by Ken Adachi of

"Boris Gryzlov, leader of Russia's Unity faction let the cat out of the bag when he told reporter Shukshin that Russia would "have to deal in 2003 with a massive population shrinkage." President Putin himself was quoted as saying that the '"anticipated chain of disasters due to hit the country in 2003" were "...a serious threat for the existence, I want to stress this, for the existence of Russia".

Keep in mind that Russian media is often more open about things than American media, with an example being the comments from an economic forum in the summer of 2001 that predicted an imminent attack on America. Pravda has even published an article about nutritional/herbal treatment for AIDS syndrome. Now, should the Russians be somehow prepared for chaos in 2003 and the chaos comes to pass, then the Russians may feel superior to rival nations, and will have little trust for a country like America whose government betrays, sacrifices, and constantly screws over its own citizens while covertly promoting conflicts and terror around the world (not that Russia's leaders aren't just as much involved in the global crime racket).

Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission has published a series of articles in the last couple of years about "The End Of Days," alluding to secret society rituals and their association with astronomical markers, the occult plans for a "New Atlantis," and the past destruction of Atlantis. Hoagland noticed that these societies appeared to expect a new global cataclysm, although there currently appears to be at least one faction that believes the calamity (i.e., pole shift) can be averted. It seems quite likely that the disaster would be inevitable without advanced technology that could be used to prevent it. Thus, until recently, the global elites could only hope that their technology could repel any dangerous incoming objects. Until the 20th century, it is unlikely that the terrestrial Illuminati even had such technology (although alien assistance and recovery of Atlantean devices has probably resolved this issue by now). Thus, those at the highest levels of the elite, as well as some Illuminati-linked scientists, are probably aware of what is approaching, and have confidence that they can repel any projectiles, and can avert an invasion by either skillful war tactics or skillful diplomacy. I wonder if the self-appointed Illuminated Seers can see what happens to the "best laid plans..."

There has been a noticeable increase in reports of near-Earth objects and near-misses. Can we conclude that we have indeed entered the comet/planetoid cluster? Additionally, are some of the incoming objects merely disguised alien ships, akin to the Star Wars Death Star in camouflage? Perhaps, some of the potential invaders wish to create a disaster that will wipe most of the humans out, making Earth open for recolonization by some ET or hybrid race. Also, are some of the global elites preparing the public for a "Star Wars" defense operation that will try to repel the approaching forces? Do they have an alternate plan to ally with the incoming group (the Orion-Draco Empire, as some have alleged), in order to maintain their rule on Earth?

Who will double-cross who? The current Illuminati directorate appears to believe that a pole shift and major Earth changes are avoidable. Swerdlow and others who have escaped the Illuminati have been convinced of this. Of course, the Illuminati directorate at the time of Atlantis also believed they could control the Earth entity and build a global and galactic empire. It's taken several thousand years to rebuild the "Evil Empire," with small-scale experiments, such as Babylon, Rome, Britain, Germany's 3rd Reich, & America along the way. Keep in mind that these "experiments" were not viewed as experiments by the ones who have been leaders of these empires, but rather by the highest level members of the bloodlines and by the astral entities that guide the plan. The spiritual forces behind the reptilian-Illuminati bloodlines have apparently been incarnating within the same bloodlines for thousands of years, in order to continue the operations in a manner that allows for them to orchestrate their schemes from both sides of the veil between 3rd & 4th density.

Now going back to the ZetaTalk, it is interesting that 2003 is cited as the critical year. The Montauk Project informants also have indicated that 2003 is a critical year (due to the 20 year resonance cycle - from 1943, 1963, 1983, 2003), yet denounce any claim that there will be a pole shift. There are a number of other synchronicities associated with 2003, including the Russian press leak, scientific, political, & economic timetables, and even movie releases (2003 is reported to have the filming of the final releases of the Star Wars saga and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as the sequels to The Matrix & Tomb Raider; Incidentally, having just seen the movie "Enemy Of The State" a second time in its ABC airing, I noticed that the Jon Voight villain character is revealed to have the birthdate of September 11, 1940). Current political events suggest that the U.S. will attack Iraq either this fall or early next year. Remember, both the American Imperial cartels (Bush, Rockefeller, etc.) and the Islamic militant factions (Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hussein, etc.) are being manipulated by Illuminati secret societies, religious cults, and global crime/industry/intelligence cartels to foment war. Only a massively awakened public can stop the planned escalations and avert the incitement of a 3rd World War, which would culminate in China & Russia turning on America to destroy the last nationalist empire in preparation for the full institution of a global empire. As terrestrial conflicts heighten, it is likely that alien factions aligned with Earther groups will wish to intervene more overtly in the battles among the NWO factions. It seems increasingly possible that an alien-controlled planetoid/battleship will appear soon, leading to public reactions that can be manipulated by the various factions. Project Blue Bleam (The NASA/Illuminati holographic projection project) can even project illusions of spaceships, comets, religious figures, and other phenomena, so the things that appear can even be mere illusions, like all the so-called marian apparitions that aliens have been projecting to accompany their messages of judgment for abandonment of the church control systems. The Earth consciousness may indeed bring us disasters, but this has nothing to do with "God," "Jesus," "Mary," or any other deified historical human or alien personality that aliens have co-opted to herd humanity.

Nancy's Zetas can say "See! It's here. Run to your shelters in the hills!

An NWO faction can say, "let's all get together, love one another right now... and blast the space invaders!

Another NWO faction can say, "these space brothers have come to help us remove from power those corrupt, aggressive scum" (their factional NWO opponents).

The Christian prophecy zealots can shout "the End Times & Armageddon approach us, follow us and prepare for the Rapture!"

New Age cults can say "the space brothers are here to help bring humanity into the aquarian age of spiritual enlightenment."

Militant religious folks can say "God's wrath is upon us! Let's eliminate all the heathen (whoever their particular religious indoctrination may denounce, be it Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Wiccans, homosexuals, abortionists, feminists, racial groups, etc.)

Clearly, these could be dangerous times, as all sorts of propaganda, mind control, and awakened sleeper agents could be unleashed. Careful observation and discernment will be useful approaches to any coming anomalies or disasters. There is much opportunity for spiritual growth in these times, especially when an effort is made to trust one's spiritual self and not worry about the physical events that are transpiring, as nothing can happen that you haven't chosen to incarnate now to experience.

To close, I will relate an interesting dream I had this week. In the dream, Earth is struck by a series of "falling stars" (asteroids or comets). As the shock waves traverse the Earth, TV stations go off the air. One of the last stations to go off is airing Star Trek: The Next Generation (while other stations report on the cataclysm in their final moments). The final news broadcast is "we have been betrayed." It appears that the impacting objects have been deliberately steered into Earth. Any Illuminati agents examining the situation should recognize that like attracts like, and since they are experts at deception and betrayal, then they will experience deception and betrayal themselves.