The HIV/AIDS Mythology: Exploiting The Public & Health Care Providers

September 27, 2004

HIV and AIDS mythology: How faulty logic, corrupted scientific methods, profit-motivated disease-care institutions, psychological warfare, depopulation agendas, and media manipulation have intersected to exploit the global population.

by Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed., LMHC, C.Ht.

HIV - a family of retroviruses labeled "human immunodeficiency virus," believed by many to be responsible for immune system impairment and deteriorating health, thereby fostering a variety of previously known illnesses, such as pneumonia. Dr. Robert Gallo, the scientist who first announced having discovered a virus that caused "AIDS" was later found to have stolen research from a French researcher and orchestrated his announcement with the U.S. Government without any verifiable evidence of his claim. There remains no valid evidence to support the claim and a considerable amount of evidence to contradict the notion that AIDS symptoms are chiefly the result of retroviral activity.

AIDS - acquired immune deficiency syndrome. A syndrome where immune system function is impaired and the patient has responded with a positive result to a test which checks for either antibodies associated with HIV or to a test suggesting the actual presence of HIV in the blood or body fluids. This definition is based upon the seriously illogical assumptions that 1) the HIV tests accurately indicate an HIV infection and 2) HIV retroviruses are active in the body and are the source of immune system impairment. There is no prior proof of these connections and no effort to demonstrate in individual patients that HIV is definitely present in the body and actively disabling the immune system. It is just merely assumed to be the case, and any patient with immune impairment and illnesses commonly seen in this population but lacking a positive test result for "HIV" will be diagnosed with the other illnesses rather than AIDS, reinforcing the statistics that HIV causes AIDS according to the circular definition that has been established.

HYPNOSIS & SUGGESTION - Hypnosis includes interventions designed to create a behavioral change by providing a suggestion to the subject while he or she is in a relaxed state of consciousness and more open to subconscious suggestions. Physical change can also be induced by hypnotic suggestions, with pains and illnesses spontaneously abating or appearing according to the command given. Response to hypnotic suggestions is somewhat dependent upon the existing psychological structure of the subject. It is known that great emotional and physical stress often lead individuals to be more open to subconscious commands.

SCIENTIFIC METHOD - A process of hypothesis generation, testing, and refinement, in the search for greater understanding of observed phenomena. Taught in grade school science courses, this method includes the recognition that correlation does not equal causation and the understanding that one clear finding that contradicts a hypothesis invalidates that hypothesis. Even a generally accepted theory can be rejected at any time when evidence appears to contradict the theory. Following the scientific method means one must exercise great caution in drawing conclusions from research, and any claim that something has been "proven" should be considered highly suspect, while producing evidence to disproves a hypothesis is much more likely to be valid.

PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE - Use of methods to influence beliefs and opinions to further an agenda. May include both overt and covert methods of mental manipualtion. Psychological research has been examined to help understand human mental, emotional, and behavioral functioning, in order to best design operations to manipulate individual and mass consciousness for desired aims. The victim of psychological warfare will usually have no idea he or she has been targeted or influenced, and will often be led to believe that those engaged in the operation are benevolent.

POPULATION REDUCTION - Plans and agendas widely discussed during the 20th Century have examined ways of reducing global population. These have usually been based on Malthusian ideas about the limited ability of the planet and its resources to support a growing industrial age human population. Population reduction has been a stated goal of various NGOs and even mentioned in official U.S. and U.N. policy documents. Overt methods include family planning, birth control assistance and education, and restrictive laws aimed at discouraging parents from having more than one child. Covert methods include instigation of wars, dispersion of chemical and biological agents, involuntary sterilizations, and promotion of harmful or ineffective medical practices.

AIDS AS A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON - A popular theory among conspiracy researchers and others suspicious of government is that HIV retroviruses were genetically engineered by a secret government project and deliberately or accidentally released to the public through vaccinations for Hepatitis and Smallpox. This is based in part on uncovered documents showing that there was a program to develop a "cancer" virus that would impair the immune system as well as epidemiology associated with reported "AIDS" outbreaks in Africa and American cities following immunization campaigns. However, research into retroviruses as cancer-inducing agents has been considered by most to be disappointing, with no evidence that these viruses would induce cancer in a timely manner in an ordinary population. As a biological weapon, this, by itself, would not be particularly useful. This, however, could be used in concert with other efforts to decimate populations, with the biological agent being a useful cover story for the plotters and misdirection for those seeking to understand what is transpiring. For example, the immunization campaigns were directed at poorly nourished Africans and at gay recreational drug users in American cities. These people had obvious stressors impairing their immune systems, and if they were injected with retroviruses then their deteriorating health or death could later be blamed on the retrovirus. This process would be further facilitated by allopathic medical treatments these people would be subject to, such as unneeded antibiotics, which provide additional stress to the body and would be ignored by physicians as contributions to AIDS symptoms since doctors don't like to admit that their interventions may be harming their patients.


Recreational and prescription drug use can impair immune function and also impair nutritional status of a person, with poor nutrition being another major factor in immune system breakdown.
Chronic psychological stress impairs immune functioning.
Illness-related beliefs and fears may impair immune functioning.
Medical treatments for alleged HIV infection may impair immune functioning.
Chronic infections for which the body has not effectively responded may also weaken the immune system.

The idea that AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease has been the focus of "prevention" campaigns. Certainly, other infectious agents that can facilitate illness are sexually transmitted. It is sensible to protect against these. However, the odds of transmitting HIV through sexual contact are admittedly very small and don't account for the epidiomology of HIV or of AIDS. Since there is no reason to conclude that HIV causes AIDS illnesses, publicly promoted prevention campiagns should have little impact unless they focus more on good general health practices, such as good nutrition, exercise, positive pscyhological attitudes, and avoidance of drugs. Meanwhile, promoting the belief that HIV "causes" AIDS, an illness believed to be deadly, would likely contribute to the progression of AIDS in those who decide to get tested and are told they are "HIV positive," due to the psychological implications and the physical effects of negative emotions and beliefs. Additionally, telling the public that sexual contact transmits an incurable deadly disease would certainly be a useful tool in fostering population reduction.

Those labeled HIV positive are usually encouraged to take AZT or newer drug cocktails to allegedly suppress the replication and spread of HIV in their body. In contrast, one who ignores the unscientific propaganda of the government and health care establishment would expect any HIV present in a healthy person to remain dormant, as retroviruses normally do. By assaulting the body with these drugs, the body and immune system will typically become weakened over time and then the person will become unable to self-defend against infectious agents. At that point, the person will become dependent upon toxic anti-virals and anti-biotics to hold off common microbes. The medications thereby create the illness they are alleged to help prevent. Initially, medications may appear to stimulate the immune system. In truth, any substance perceived by the body as harmful will initially stimulate the immune system, which attempts to isolate and remove the perceived threat. However, being chronically overstimulated will in time lead to impaired immune response. Thus, the deceptive immune response to "AIDS" drugs is not a case of the body improving its defense against the relatively harmless HIV (which may not even be present in many cases), but is a case of the body attempting to defend itself against the more dangerous threat of chemotherapy drugs. There has long been talk of an "AIDS" vaccine, but no such product has been released, perhaps because the immune deficiency syndrome isn't acquired via a retrovirus in the first place. Furthermore, vaccines normally have an overall negative influence upon the immune system, even if they trigger increased immunity to a specific virus. Increased immunity can be fostered to a specific agent using energy medicine approaches, such as homeopathy, without the hazards of allopathic toxin injections, thereby making all vaccinations unnecessary from a more expansive perspective. If what is labeled AIDS is really a general impairment of the immune system due to a variety of factors, then providing a vaccine for a specific retrovirus would likely correlate with an increase rather than decrease in future immune dysfunction.

Alternative HIV & AIDS treatments have focused more on promoting general immune health through supportive nutrition, exercise, meditation, psychotherapy, energetic medicine, herbs, and other non-invasive approaches. Alternative approaches generally assume that the individual has the capacity to generate health. Some alternative interventions do attempt to suppress viral activities directly, such as with oxygen/ozone therapies, electromedicine, antiviral herbs, essential oils, and Rife frequency devices. These methods, in most cases, are noninjurious to the cells of the body, unlike allopathic HIV treatments. An integrative approach using natural and alternative therapies that complement one another is most likely to help those labeled "HIV positive" remain healthy and those with immune deficiency to recover their health. The critical first step is a shift in awareness, where the establishment claims about HIV and AIDS are critically examined and discarded for a more logical and productive understanding of relevant phenomena. The allopathic paradigm is very profitable for many, while natural substances and natural healing methods are not conducive to the profitable monopolies that currently dominate the health care system. The allopathic paradigm is also useful for those covertly facilitating population reduction. While most health care providers desire to help their patients and clients, it must be recognized that those in positions of power and influence with allegiance to popuation reduction plans have consistently supported the allopathic medical system. The population reducers may be devious, but they know what they are doing, unlike the majority of allopathic physicians!

This article is for educational purposes and is not intended as health care advice or treatment. If you have a health concern you are encouraged to consult a qualified health care provider for diagnosis and treatment in addition to educating yourself about your condition and treatment options.

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