Love, Fear, Consciousness & Illusion

by Jed Shlackman, L.M.H.C., C.Ht.

Some claim that all there is is Love, all you need is Love, or "Infinite Love is the only Truth, everything else is illusion."

To examine this, it is vital to define what Love really refers to. Metaphysically, Love is the vibration of consciousness, the force/energy, which is connective and cohesive, the glue of creation that keeps all expressions of the One Consciousness of origin "tethered" to the Source. The nature of creation involves a process of consciousness generating illusory Matrices (fields) containing seemingly separate, individuated consciousness units. This is like the wave particle duality in physics where everything exists in a probability wave until "observed" into the illusory realm of particles and form. Consciousness observing itself generates a distortion/interference pattern in the field that creates the illusion of separate reality. Love can't be all there is, or there would be nothing to connect or provide cohesion for. Does glue need glue to hold itself together? Of course not! Love is just a particular aspect of Infinite Consciousness that provides connective and cohesive qualities in the Matrix of Creation. Love is not the totality of consciousness or the total reflection of Consciousness in Creation. It is a very potent vibrational force, as it has the role of holding Creation "together" to keep the flow of illusory separated selves from spiraling into total disconnection from Source. Total dis-connection would be pure darkness and non-awareness.

So where would fear fit in to this scenario? Fear is the vibration of consciousness that generates and maintains the process of separation. Fear and Love must always add up to a neutral balance for creation to exist - and since creation exists, always has and always will, love and fear can never overcome each other, but rather must interact with one another to facilitate the process of experiential reality, where God may experience the possibilities and potentialities latent within Infinite Self. Love is indeed a very healing vibration, but if all was love then creation would stagnate and withdraw into stillness and de-activation. Fear generates the circumstances in which Love can be fully explored and appreciated. Love is a "giving" energy while fear is a "taking" energy. Fear generates boundaries and desires to protect illusions associated with one's attachment to their separate identity. Love is the longing for union, the desire to give and surrender oneself. Notice, however, what would happen if someone is steadily "giving" to another person who is heavily in the "taking" mode. The taker is being rewarded and enabled. The taker must eventually learn that the taking, fear-based pattern is ultimately destructive to both self and others, since the notion of separate self and other is an illusion. The giver must learn at some point that "give and take" need to reach a balance, since excessive giving is a denial of self within the illusion of self and other, and excessive taking is a denial of the Oneness of Creative Source. This is all about learning balance while experiencing the realms of polarities.

Human relationships involving domestic violence are a nice (but unpleasant) illustration of this concept. One partner is afraid of not having control and abuses the other. The victim lacks an adequate sense of self and attempts to hold on to the connection of the relationship by giving "for-giveness" to the abuser, who is reinforced by having the controlling behaviors lead to receiving forgiveness. In this scenario, the abuser will need to learn to release the fear of not being in control (this person has an exaggerated sense of self that is easily threatened). The victim will need to learn to let go of the excessive "need" for connection (love). Both persons can learn about love and fear, as the abuser can learn to "give" more freedom and acceptance toward the partner and release the fear of not having control or having other desires met. The victim can learn to recognize how fear and control are enmeshed, as fear leads to desires for control and is also used against a victim as a means of maintaining control. The victim may also learn how excessive giving (an imbalanced use of love) leads one to be disempowered and drained by the one receiving the "love and forgiveness." Both persons may benefit from learning to experience their connection to Spiritual Source. This would help the abuser to experience self as connected to the greater Whole and not having to control things so much to seek a sense of self-worth. The victim could experience self as connected to Source as well and feel the reciprocal flow of connection between self and Source as compared to the imbalanced flow between those in the partnership involving control issues.

Love is a powerful healing energy because hurts and illnesses arise due to disturbances in the creative energy and information flow that are fostered by fears and resistances to full expression of Self. The application of Love vibration/consciousness neutralizes fears that block one's ability to be open to energy input. This is not the same as when someone is drawing energy from others to maintain their illusion of Self. Love can heal but it can also "feed" the "dark side" when the recipient is oriented to using energy for dark, manipulative motives. This is an issue of discernment and awareness that we must all work on, as we can't wisely force things on people - even love and healing.

Fears generate a desire for control or protection. If you yield control to someone or help them maintain overprotectiveness in their life (which often happens when someone tries to offer comfort or nurturance to the fear-oriented person) then you are often supporting the fear pattern (in some cases a person will need control or comforting initially to help rebuild their sense of self after trauma, so catering to fears can be temporarily therapeutic even though it isn't suited to balanced relationships). People need to confront fears at some point to overcome them. The challenge is to discern when a person is ready to confront fears. Self-awareness can help you examine how your interactions with someone are giving you feedback about your own issues related to fear and love. As you balance your own patterns of consciousness and interaction then those around you will either shift or there will come about a shift in who you are closely interacting with. Trust and be patient with such processes, since things manifest somewhat slowly in our perception of this vibratory realm.

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