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Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life force energy. This concept of universal life force is similar or congruent to a variety of other concepts and terms such as "chi," "prana," "ether," "spirit," and "orgone." Reiki healing is a system initiated by a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui in the early 20th Century. It focuses on opening one-self to the flow of energy, while using one's mind and one's hands to focus the flow of energy for healing purposes. This is similar to the system of therapeutic touch developed by nursing professionals, as well as traditional laying on of hands and various spiritual and shamanic healing practices. Reiki healing includes a process called attunement, in which a master performs a procedure to open up the student's energy system to increased energy flow and power. Reiki is typically very relaxing and associated with brainwave patterns present during periods of meditation. Reiki is compatible with oriental healing concepts and techniques, such as the chakra and meridian systems of yoga and acupuncture/acupressure. It can be used to accelerate healing of injuries and recovery from illness, and can be used to accompany any other health care treatments or spiritual interventions. Reiki healing methods can be used for oneself or others, and can facilitate transformation on multiple levels. While Reiki and similar methods are based upon spiritual and metaphysical principles, they have been validated by scientific data and exist on the cutting edge of the confluence between spiritual awareness and scientific exploration.

Jed Shlackman is a multi-talented healing professional and meta-researcher, offering Reiki healing circles, individual healing appointments, and instructional courses in Reiki healing. Classes and treatments are highly affordable, and focus on empowerment and de-mystifying Reiki, so that Reiki can be used to create powerful positive transformation and be administered in practical ways. Jed facilitates energy healing circles intermittently on Saturday afternoons. Please call Jed at the number on this page to see when the next healing circle is scheduled - space is limited. If you would like to receive distance Reiki, along with an online complimentary holistic health consultation, please call or email.

Reiki Level 1 Classes Are Offered On Saturday or Sunday Afternoons, lasting a maximum of 4 hours. Cost is currently $85 per person for groups ($75 with early registration) or $100 for individual instruction. Please call 305-259-0013 to sign up for a class. Classes are held in the Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida area.

Reiki Level 1 classes - Introduction to the history of Reiki and energy healing, as well as the philosophy of Usui's principles. Basic Reiki healing positions and methods, with self-treatment and beginning of treatment practice upon others. Reiki ethics and suggestions for developing one's own healing ability. Metaphysical and scientific views and implications of Reiki healing. Basic symbols and attunement transmitted. Now, do some "homework" of Reiki reading and healing practice.

Reiki Level 2 classes - Advanced techniques, increased focus on healing others. Practice in methods of increasing energy sensitivity and direction of Reiki flow. Chakra clearing and energizing. Dowsing - opening to the subconscious mind. Using sound and color with healing. Second level attunement. More homework!

Reiki Level 3 classes - More advanced techniques and practice. The master symbol, master level attunement, and how to attune others. Distant healing and psychic clearing methods. Protection techniques, gold light, sea salt, higher-self connection and staying centered. Referring to other healing practitioners and handling unsettling situations. Develop at your own pace - Reiki is a doorway to spiritual and personal growth, but don't be frustrated or judgmental toward yourself if you are not satisfied with your progress or state of being at any time. Remember, your mind/spirit and its connection to the universal mind/spirit/creator is the source of Reiki - Reiki symbols and other focusing tools are just ways of helping one shift their consciousness and attune to the higher source. Often, the more you are attuned to this higher source the less important the techniques and symbols become. Spirit - Mind - Energy - Light - Color - Sound - Geometry - Chemistry - Biology: All are manifestations of the flow of creative source vibration.

If you have any questions or feedback, or are interested in classes, Reiki sessions, or other counseling and healing services, please contact Jed by phone (305) 259-0013 or by email -


Note: I offer these resource lists for your examination and exploration. I do not necessarily agree with all the views presented on various WWW sites or in books. Read, explore, and come to your own conclusions!

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    Reiki: Hands That Heal, by Joyce Morris
    Wheels Of Light, by Rosalyn Bruyere
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    Chi Gong: The Ancient Chinese Way To Health, by Paul Dong & Aristide Esser
    Secrets Of Reiki, by Anne Charlish & Angela Robertshaw
    Spiritual Healing: A Simple Guide For The Healing Of Body, Mind, & Spirit, by Dr. Stuart Grayson
    The Encyclopedia Of Energy Healing, by Andy Baggott
    The Healing Path: The Practical Guide To The Holistic Traditions Of China, India, Tibet, & Japan, by Jacqueline Young
    Empowerment Through Reiki, by Paula Horan
    Reiki: The Essential Guide To The Ancient Healing Art, by Chris & Penny Parkes
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    Beginner's Guide To Reiki, by David Vennells
    The Illustrated Guide To Massage And Aromatherapy (Feat. Reiki), ed. by Catherine Stuart
    The True Power Of Water, by Masaru Emoto

    Reiki & Healing Music

    These are some musical artists who have albums of music that can be used to assist in the relaxation and healing process for Reiki and other healing practices:

    Merlin's Magic
    Steven Halpern
    Shastro & Nadama
    Anuvida & Nik Tyndall
    Jonathan Goldman
    William Buhlman
    Hemi-Sync (Several Of Their Non-Verbal Music Selections)
    Crystal Voices & Deborah Van Dyke
    Jonathan Wilk
    Harry Henshaw (Relaxation Music)
    Marilynn Seits Adjety Shajan Ajad Richard Shulman

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