Illuminating The Shadow - Exposing The "Dark" Side

Here are links to resources concerning "dark" groups and activities on our planet. This includes conspiracies, secret societies, Illuminati, "New World Order," government corruption, corporate globalism, elitism, mind control, secret technologies, and extraterrestrial manipulation of civilization. I do not necessarily agree with some of the views expressed at these sites, although these sites contain useful information and resources for examining what is occurring and forming an understanding of the forces at work. Remember, the "shadow" is a reflection of parts of everyone that haven't been integrated. The "dark side" should not be feared, but rather it needs to be understood and exposed, in order that people can choose to not give their power over to those with oppressive motives. There is really nothing to fear from any of these things - if you are on Earth then some higher aspect of Self has chosen for you to have experiences in this reality from which you may learn and contribute to the evolving creation and awareness of Infinite Self. Thus, if any of the seemingly dark or horrendous things described "bother" you, then learn from this and focus your mind on what a better reality could be like, knowing that in some manner you are already involved in the co-creation of this more balanced reality expression, and the polarity dramas on Earth are a useful tool for our experience and exploration to develop our creative potentials.

  • Jeff Rense's Alternative Radio Show & News Archives
  • 911 & Global Elite - Free Videos By Alex Jones
  • David Icke's Research
  • Leading Edge Research Group
  • Cassiopaeans' Info On Spiritual Growth & Earth Civilization
  • Richard Hoagland's Hyperdimensional Physics, Mars Research, NASA Deception
  • Great Dreams New Age Resources
  • Educate Yourself
  • Centre For Research On Globalization
  • Project Camelot - Whistleblowers & Secret Government Insiders Speak Out
  • Stewart Swerdlow's Expansions (Spirituality, Healing, Illuminati News & More)
  • Jon Rappoport's No More Fake News
  • RumorMillNews
  • Free Press International
  • Sherman Skolnick's Political Crimes & Corruption Reports
  • Illuminati News
  • Conspiracy Central Forum & Media Downloads
  • NWO Photos & Symbolism
  • Government Watch - Illuminati News Mirror
  • The Truth Campaign
  • The Handbook For The New Paradigm & Other Revelations
  • Black Vault Documents
  • TruGospel's Alternative History
  • Zeta Talk: Alien Messages
  • Troubled Times
  • Konformist Conspiracy News
  • HAARP's Covert Agenda
  • Environmental Working Group: See Who's Buying Our Politicians
  • Crack The CIA
  • The CIA Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
  • Project Censored
  • The Smoking Gun
  • Covert Action Quarterly
  • TWA Flight 800 Cover-up
  • Adventures Unlimited Paranormal/Mysteries
  • Disinformation Net
  • Top Secret Electronics
  • Mind Control Forum
  • Conspiracy Net
  • Rosicrucians
  • Spectrum Alternative News
  • MediaBypass: Uncensored National News
  • WorldNet Daily Alternative News
  • Ancient Secrets
  • Money & Power: The Secret History (Book)
  • Knights Templar Organization (Making The World Safe For Usury!)
  • Knights Of Malta, USA Official Site (Why Is A Sovereign Military Order So Busy At Catholic Churches?!)
  • The Emperor's Clothes: Revealing News Reports
  • Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
  • Build Freedom: Free World Order
  • Bob Lazar's Aliens Info
  • Illuminet Press: UFO & Conspiracies
  • Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
  • Holding Sacred Ground - Native American Shaman
  • Above Black: Gov't/Alien Projects Uncovered
  • Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles
  • Truth Seeker Press
  • Trance-Formation: Mind Control Horrors & Project Monarch
  • Jon Rappoport Controversial Reports
  • Stargate Conspiracy?
  • Self-Mastery Earth Institute
  • Aliens, UFO Art, Illuminati/Draconian Conspiracy & Hidden Patterns
  • Free World Alliance: Anthony Hilder; NWO Conspiracy Info (Unfortunately This Is From A Right-Wing Perspective)
  • Reptoids: Reptilian ETs
  • Andromeda Central - Alex Collier's Andromedan Transcripts
  • Letters From Andromeda [The Andromedan Sites Have Mysteriously Gone Offline]
  • Dulce, NM Report On ETs & Military
  • Summary Of Conspiracies
  • Acharya S: Truth Be Known (The Christ Conspiracy)
  • ChemTrail Tracking
  • BrassCheck: Alternative News/Journalism
  • Nexus New Age Magazine
  • Forbidden Knowledge
  • Chemtrails & Ancient Plagues
  • UFO Magazine UK: Special NASA Media Available
  • Dr. Chiappalone's Kingdom Of Zion Conspiracy
  • MetaResearch: Alternative Astronomy
  • Chuck's Chemtrails Page
  • Hemp History & Controversy
  • Anomalous Mars Images
  • Will Thomas' Chemtrails Report
  • Strange Haze: Chemtrails
  • Earth Operations & Conspiracies
  • Steamshovel Press: Conspiracy Books
  • Steve Smith's Mind-Control Report
  • Mother Jones Alternative News Publication
  • Project Superman Mind-Control Report
  • KeelyNet Free Energy Devices
  • Carnicom's Contrails/Chemtrails Page
  • The Emperor's New Clothes
  • Mind-Control Seduction
  • Cutting Edge Chrisitian NWO Conspiracy Info
  • Bill Cooper's Conspiracy Resources
  • The Mars Records Online Book
  • Mars Records Mirror Site
  • Illuminati Conspiracies From A Christian Fundamentalist View
  • Light 1998 - Mirror Of Previous Link
  • New Netizen Alternative News
  • Cosmic Awareness Channeling
  • Jim Marrs Conspiracy Books & News
  • Infowars Underground News Reports
  • Stop The U.S. Vote Fraud!
  • Surfing The Apocalypse: Avant-Garde News
  • Think-About-It: Alternative Science, Aliens, & Conspiracies
  • Corporate Predators
  • World Community Education
  • Conspiracy Facts
  • Montauk Series From Skybooks
  • Conspiracy Planet
  • Paperclip Dolls: Recovering From Mind Control & MPD
  • InfoSource Alternative Research
  • Brice Taylor's Mind Control Info
  • Dr. P. Duke's HIV/AIDS & Alien Research
  • NightSearch Radio & Paranormal Resources
  • Reclaim Democracy From Corrupt Powers
  • See Beyond The Obvious
  • The New World Order & Privacy Invasion
  • Conspiracy Research List
  • CIA - Drugs Symposium
  • Conspiracy Research
  • CIA Drugging America
  • Human Origins & Alternative History
  • Paranoia Magazine
  • Bo Gritz: Satanic Conspiracies
  • News Making News: Conspiracies
  • The De-Central Intelligence Agency
  • Your Own World USA
  • Planet X/Nibiru Facts
  • Council On Foreign Relations
  • Trilateral Commission Site
  • Stratfor Global Intelligence
  • Greater Things: Prophecies & World Government Conspiracy Research
  • U.S. Psi Squad Remote Viewers
  • All Southwest Alternative News
  • Orgone Energy Lab
  • Bilderberg Group Info
  • Illuminati Reports
  • Paranormal News Network
  • Philip Corso's Alien Files
  • Counter-Illuminati Agents
  • Aliens On Earth
  • Blue Skies International @ Chemtrail Central
  • Columbine Research Redirect
  • NWO Plans
  • Reptilian Archives
  • Mind Control Archives
  • Action American Advocate: Conspiracies Info
  • Real Change: Political Skeletons
  • Scottish Rite Freemasonry
  • Robert Morning Sky Shamanism & Earth History
  • Flash Radar & EM Radiation Technologies
  • Greater Things Biblical NWO Report
  • Thule Society: Alternative 3 Info & More
  • David Icke Mirror
  • Reptilian Agenda
  • Illuminati News
  • Earth-Today: Alien Bases On Earth, Mars & Moon
  • Victims Of Masonic Ill-Treatment
  • Vote Fraud Exposed
  • State Origin Of AIDS: Lawsuit Over Conspiracy
  • Barbara Hartwell - CIA Mind Control Survivor
  • Chamish: The Truth About Rabin Assassination, Israel
  • Blueprint For A Prison Planet
  • VoteScam Report
  • Project Redbook Aliens Report
  • Tackamarks: Secret FEMA/Military Codes
  • Kingdom Of Brantonia: Draco-Slayers?
  • Illuminati Bloodlines
  • Plausible Future Info
  • Mad Cow Morning News: Election Scandals, 9-11 Coverup, & More
  • Man-Made Flying Saucers
  • Colin Powell's Dark Past
  • Lyndon LaRouche Speaks
  • Majestic (MJ-12) UFO Documents
  • Alex Constantine Conspiracy Info
  • Cosmic Awareness Communication
  • Cosmic Awareness Communications Readings
  • Al Martin Raw - Political Scandals
  • Above Top Secret Report
  • Dr. Rich Boylan Reports
  • Al Bielek's Montauk/Philadelphia Experiment Resources
  • The Big Picture Of Creation & Reality
  • The Big Picture Mirror
  • Knight & Lomas: Books On Occult History
  • Conspiracy, Reality, & Truth
  • Technology Of Control
  • Draco Art & Symbolism
  • Joe Vialls Reports - UK Website []
  • Joe Vialls Investigations & Conspiracy Info
  • NASA's Mars Conspiracy
  • Montauk Project Report
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Conspiracy Conference
  • Giza Conspiracy Analysis
  • Societies Of Secrets
  • Bloodlines Of The Illuminati
  • The Drug Fraud & The NWO
  • Dr. Peter Beter's Transcripts
  • Orion System & Hopi & Anasazi Civilizations
  • Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports - Government Scam
  • Freemason Watch
  • Conspiracy Digest
  • Dark Conspiracies
  • CIA Exposed
  • Sai Baba Exposed
  • Consortium News
  • Vatican Assassins
  • Texe Marrs NWO/Illuminati Research & Christian Prophecy
  • Boyd Graves J.D. - The AIDS Conspiracy Case
  • Advocacy For Mind Control Victims
  • Guerrilla News Video
  • O'Brien, ETs, Conspiracies
  • Todd's Paradigm Shifting Web Site
  • Robert Anton Wilson (Illuminatus & Conspiracies)
  • What Really Happened: OKC Bombing, 9-11 & Other Cover-Ups
  • The Club Of Rome (NWO Conspirators)
  • ET UFO Gods
  • Raider News Updates
  • Allies Of Humanity: The ET Presence
  • The Disclosure Project: ET Evidence
  • Freemasonry Pro & Con
  • Astrological Basis Of The Christ Myths
  • World Action UK Alternative News
  • Curious Times News
  • Znet Alternative News & Opinions (Reports From Chomsky, Zinn, & Others)
  • PsyOp News
  • Trance-Formation Of America Mirror Site
  • American Free Press
  • Scary Truth About Dark Activities On Earth
  • Zulu Shaman/Historian Credo Mutwa's Interview
  • The Constitution Society
  • Democracy Rising
  • They Rule: 6 Degrees Of The Global Elite
  • Concerned Citizens Opposed To Police States
  • Radio Alchymy Radio Show Exposing The Elite Occult Forces On Earth
  • Hard Truth Conspiracy Research
  • Anthrax As Disinfo
  • Deep Space 4: Exposing The Shadowy Forces & Advanced Technologies
  • Michael Hoffman's Revisionist History, Secret Societies & PsyOps Research
  • WTC Demolition & Phony War On Terrorism
  • Australian Globalism/Illuminati Research Site
  • Sept. 11 Flight 93 Crash Analysis
  • Lifeboat News: Will Thomas, Chemtrails & More
  • True Facts Alternative News
  • HomeRun: The 9-11 Electronic Hijacking
  • Homerun 9-11 Hijacking Report Mirror
  • The 16th Amendment & The Income Tax Deception
  • Public I Reports From The Center For Public Integrity
  • The New American Revolution
  • Center For An Informed America (Exposing Disinfo)
  • Irish Site On Illuminati Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Cop vs CIA: Mike Ruppert's Mirror Page
  • The Universal Seduction: Piercing The Veils Of Deception
  • Montalk
  • French Expose' Of 9-11 Conspiracy
  • Global Resistance
  • Nazi Origins, Occult History
  • The Conspiracy Channel
  • News Watch Magazine: Christian View Of The I/NWO
  • The Law Party: Exposing Government Corruption & Tyranny
  • Tim Rifat's Alternative News & Commentaries
  • The NWO/Illuminati Fulfillments of "Christian" Prophecy
  • What Matters: Love, & Freedom From Elitist Economics
  • Serendipity Research
  • The Power Hour Radio Show & Resources - Speaking Out For Liberty
  • American Patriot Friends: Exposing Government/Elites Treason
  • JFK Conspiracy Theories
  • Sacred Cow Productions: Alternative Media
  • Matrix 2001: Czech Alternative Info Site
  • Exposing Scientology
  • Mind Control/Ritual Abuse Resources
  • Last Days Warning & NWO Details
  • Counter-Propaganda NWO News & Audio
  • Reality Expander Alternative Media
  • Al Bielek & The Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk Saga
  • Counter-Evidence - Government/Alien Conspiracy Research
  • UFO Conspiracies Research
  • Bohemian Grove Dirt
  • Sept. 11 Treason Investigation
  • Bohemian Grove Cult
  • Blue Honey Alternative Multimedia
  • Free David Icke Videos (Download Real Video, Full Lecture)
  • Alternative & Independent News Directory
  • Lou Gentile Alternative Topics Radio Interviews
  • Borderlands: Strange Science & Conspiracy Videos
  • Nexus Italia: Alternative News, Health, UFOs, Conspiracies, In Italian
  • Master-The-Matrix
  • FringeWire: Odd News & Conspiracies
  • Illuminatus: Paranormal News
  • The Illuminati Take Responsibility?..."Yes... It's Our Fault"
  • OurDNA, Ground Zero: 9-11 Anomalies & Research
  • Americans Against Bombing & World Empire
  • True Conspiracies Research Archives
  • Real & Fictional Conspiracy Resources
  • Fletcher Prouty's Conspiracy Resources
  • The War On Freedom
  • IndyMedia: Independent Media Resources
  • The Human Underground: Conspiracy Investigations
  • Online Journal: Independent News & Opinions
  • Counter-Propaganda
  • The Necessity Of Enlightened Thinking
  • Strike-The-Root: A Journal Of Liberty
  • MK-Resistance: Government Psychiatric Torture & Mind Control
  • Public Action: Carol Valentine's Research & More
  • Clyde Lewis: Ground Zero
  • The Conspiracy Archive
  • The News Insider
  • Project On Government Oversight
  • Resources For Liberty, Exposing The NWO
  • Denver Airport & Occult NWO
  • Borderlands: Strange Science & Conspiracy Videos
  • Citizen Spokane Alternative News & Views
  • Freedom Tape Club - Conspiracy Videos & Other Media
  • Truth Radio Conspiracy Videos
  • Alternative Info & Conspiracy Videos
  • Freezone Alternative News
  • Montauk Project Resources
  • Stop Child Rape - Exposing Ritual Abuse Cults & Their Elite Connections
  • Project Freedom (Exposing Secret Societies, Intelligence Agencies, & Satanic Cults)
  • Unanswered Questions About Attack On America
  • World Socialists' Web Site (Exposing Right-Wing Imperialism)
  • Mae Brussell's Conspiracy Articles
  • U.S. Soveriegnty vs. Global Governance/NWO
  • Dire Gnosis 2012
  • Corporate Watch: Monitoring Corporate Crimes & Abuses
  • Watching The World Trade Organization
  • Ross Industries: Alternative Physics, Secret Societies, Global Elite
  • Dark Conspiracy Articles & Commentary
  • Area-X Conspiracy World
  • World-Famous Paranormal/Conspiracy Media Resources
  • Jon Ronson's Investigation Of Conspiracy Views & Global Elites
  • CounterPunch: Leftist Articles Exposing Political Corruption & Tyranny
  • Greg Palast (BBC Reporter) - Journalism Exposing Global Elites
  • Former U.S. Prosecutor John Loftus Exposes Government Corruption
  • Common Dreams: Leftist Examination Of Government & Elites
  • Barnes Review Alternative History & Current Events
  • What Really Happened
  • Democratic Underground - Leftist Examination Of Government Fascism
  • Police State USA
  • Victor Thorn & Babel Magazine (replaced with
  • This Is The Real Truth (Spiritual Awakening From The Global Prison Matrix/NWO)
  • Patrick Crusade: Truth, Justice, & An End To Legal Injustices & The Prison Industry
  • Bosankoe: The 9-11 Pentagon Attack Investigation
  • Gary Kah - Exposing The NWO/Global Religion Agenda From A Christian Perspective
  • International Medien Analyse (German Independent Media Analysis)
  • Controlled America: ELF, Mind Control & Government Torture
  • War On Freedom - Media Monitors
  • Star Gods - Aliens & Biblical Studies
  • SkySpy TV: Ancient Mysteries & Conspiracy Tour
  • Dr. Boylan's Info On Aliens & Shadow Government
  • Free America - Defending Liberty & Sovereignty
  • Give Me Liberty... The Income Tax Fraud
  • Antony Sutton - Skull & Bones Books, Censored History
  • U.S. Government Torture & Mind Control
  • Hawaiian Kingdom - Illegally Occupied By The U.S.A.
  • Rotten In Denmark
  • Radikal Books - The Shining Ones
  • African Unity "Green" Movement & Leftist/Populist Response To Global Elitism
  • Herding The Sheeple
  • Sutton: Wall Street & The Rise Of Hitler
  • Progressive Labor Party (Leftist Critics Of Fascism & Corrupt Imperial/Monopoly Capitalism)
  • Natural Law Party: Wessex
  • Pro-Freedom: Exposing The Elite's Activities & Agenda
  • Hostile Invader: Aliens & Conspiracies
  • Antony Sutton's Censored History Books (Download)
  • Institute For Communications Resources: Liberty & Individual Sovereignty
  • Cooperative Research
  • Bush Family Black Magick Rituals Examined
  • Deep Black Lies
  • Canadian French/Francais Conspiracy/Conspiration Page
  • Diana: The Hidden Evidence
  • Make Them Accountable
  • Globalism News
  • Eagles Disobey - Mars & UFO Research
  • Ashayana Deanne (Anna Hayes) Azurite Temple & Alien Teachings
  • Mind Control Forum Archives
  • Raven's Mind Control Reports
  • Questions, Questions: Alternative Media On Current Events
  • Secrets Of The Tomb: Skull & Bones Order Book
  • IdiotBox Wars
  • Noam Chomsky's Understanding Power
  • Complete 9-11 Timeline & Background
  • LibertyThink - Escaping Our Society's Mental Prisons
  • Radical Press
  • The 9-11 Attack: Painful Questions
  • - Saving Earth, Exposing Greed & Corruption
  • 911-Strike: Wakeup Call To Action
  • Sosbee vs FBI: Exposing Government Mind Control, Abuse, & Corruption
  • George W. Bush: Unelected Commander-in-Thief?
  • Lewis News: Libertarian News & Opinions
  • Free Speech Radio
  • Conspiracy Journal
  • Alien Astronomer: UFOs, Conspiracies, Mind Control Articles
  • Pentagon, Flight 77: Silent But Deadly?
  • Scottish X-Files
  • 100777 Truthseeker Research Articles
  • Truthseeker Research
  • International Connection Radio (Independent News & Analysis)
  • VoxNYC: Exposing The Veil Of Lies Of The NWO
  • Project RedStar: Martian Anomalies
  • Window To Our World: NWO Mind Control, Abuse, Recovery
  • DragonSlayers' News & Bulletin Board
  • Terminator 3: Armageddon, Conspiracies
  • Star Wars & Egyptian/Masonic Symbolism
  • Electronic Mind Control Forum
  • 3 Strikes: Corrupt Justice System
  • Moon Truth: Moon Landing Footage Staged?
  • Moon Rising - NASA Coverups Alien Artifacts
  • Alex Jones' The NWO & The Prison Planet
  • Exposing The Tyranny & Abuses Of The Elite Globalists: International Action Center, Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark
  • David Icke's The Biggest Secret (View The Book In Adobe PDF Format)
  • Michael Parenti's Populist/Socialist Critiques Of The Global Elites
  • RumorMillNews Breaking News Yahoo! Group
  • Barbara Hartwell, MK-Ultra Mind Control Exposed
  • Alien Resistance Campaign
  • The-Movement: Independent 9-11 Investigation
  • G. Edward Griffin: Freedom Force Organization
  • The Global Howler: 9-11 Hoax - Connect The Dots
  • Fritz Springmeier - Bloodlines Of The Illuminati 2002 Edition
  • Fritz Springmeier - A Double-Agent?
  • Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief
  • Subversive Element: The Eyes Behind
  • Truthseekers Magazine
  • Stew Webb's Expose' Of Criminal Elites & Bush Crime Family
  • Agenturus: The Truth Will Piss You Off, Then Set You Free
  • Brother Jon's Research & News: Former NASA Consultant Reveals NASA Deceit & Government Treachery
  • The 9-11 NORAD Stand Down [Did 9-11 Military Drills Serve To Disrupt Response To Hijackings?]
  • My Country: Questioning 9-11
  • Attack On America: Comprehensive Research
  • The Carlyle Group: War For Profit
  • Oil Companies & Anglo-American Imperialism
  • Police-State War On Freedom
  • Freedom Of The Press Subverted
  • Fascistic Regime In America
  • Orwellian Government & Media
  • A-Albionic Research: Global Elite Conspiracy Research & Book Search
  • Feral House Publishing (Investigative Books & More)
  • Citizens For Truth: Probe Magazine Research
  • Serendipity Research Main Site
  • Susan Devere - Enki Channel & Global Elite Reports
  • Texe Marrs' Conspiracy World Research Articles/Books/Videos
  • Dr. Len Horowitz's Origin Of AIDS/HIV Resources
  • FREE Online David Icke Books On Spiritual Awakening & Global Elites
  • Zionism In The Age Of Dictators: Zionist Connections With Nazi/Fascist Regimes
  • Cloak & Dagger Radio - For Spies & Truth Seekers
  • Cloak & Dagger Radio (German Site Server)
  • Black Op Radio Show
  • Dissident Voice Newsletter - For Peace & Justice
  • Pentagon 9-11 Fraud
  • Here In Reality
  • Dagobert's Revenge Magazine - Hidden History & Conspiracies
  • 9-11 Citizens Watch - For An Independent Investigation
  • Reality Radio Network
  • Sollog's UFO Proof Book & Media [Hit The Alt & F4 Keys To Close Pop-Ups]
  • Pro-Paranoid
  • Want To Know?
  • Information Clearinghouse
  • The Weekly Informant
  • TBR News
  • Andromedans: Defending Sacred Ground
  • Global Free Press News
  • Radar Matrix: HAARP, Chemtrails, Weather Mod, & More
  • Mansue: Aliens On Earth & The Criminal Elites
  • Chemtrails, DOE, AMA, Fluoride & Other Treachery
  • Whistleblower: Dept. Of Energy Watch/Environmental Newsletter
  • Thought Crimes
  • TV News Lies
  • Retired FBI Agent Ted Gunderson's "Patriot America" Reports
  • Shiva 2012 - Conspiracy Site In German
  • March For Justice
  • Colin A. Ross Institute: Info About Cult Abuse Trauma & Recovery
  • EBooks (Includes Noam Chomsky, David Irving, David Icke, & More)
  • Skolnick's Conspiracy Data
  • Orlin Grabbe Scandal & Conspiracy Info
  • The Gunderson Report On Ritual Abuse
  • MK-Zine: Mind Control E-Zine
  • Conspiracy Resources
  • Renegade Files Website
  • Renegade Files: Infowars FTP Files
  • John Kaminski's Book & Commentaries
  • The Indict Bush-Cheney Campaign
  • Thomas Szasz On Psychiatry As Slavery
  • 911 Research @ WTC7.Net
  • Stargate Project & Conspiracies
  • WagKingdom Reports
  • 9-11 Exposed
  • Redeclaration Of Independence & Charges Of Treason
  • More 9-11 Info
  • Conspiratorium
  • Illuminati Ritual Alignments
  • Red Flags Daily (Exposing Medical Lies & Other Disinfo)
  • The Shadow Show - Talk Radio
  • Jack Blood - Conspiracy Talk Radio
  • September 11th Research
  • Al Bielek Debunked, Research Team
  • 9-11 For Truth
  • Liberty Think
  • The Assassinated Press
  • OKC Bombing Investigation Committee
  • Axis Of Logic
  • Project Freedom Mirror
  • David Hoffman History
  • Our Future (Socialist Perspective)
  • Freezer Box: Online Magazine
  • Pravda Russian News Online
  • Hypocrisy & Other Flaws In Religions
  • The Dark Side Of Biblical Literal Beliefs
  • StayFree Magazine
  • Fleshing Out Skull & Bones Order
  • Ambushed: The Bushes & The Deceptions Surrounding Their Imperial Agendas
  • Say NO To Psychiatry (Dangers Of Mental Health Industry)
  • Impeach Bush Campaign By Professor Boyle
  • Mental Disorder Game & Crusade Against Psychiatric Practices
  • The Intelligence Community
  • Break For News
  • Northern Voice Book Store
  • Accent Radio Network
  • Let's Roll 9-11 - Independent Research
  • The Space Shuttle Columbia Sacrifice/Sabotage Research
  • Silent Coup - Nixon's Removal
  • Para-Normal, UFO/ET Resources, & More
  • Black Action Hero: Exposing The "Man"
  • The Fed & The NWO
  • The Franklin Coverup - Elite Child Abusers
  • IndyBay Independent Media
  • DID/Ritual Abuse Survivors Resources
  • Ritual Abuse Survivor Information
  • 9-11 Painful Deception
  • Law & Constitutional Resources
  • 3 World Wars
  • TruthSeeker TV Media
  • UFO & ET Research
  • Brian Desborough's Research On History & The Illuminati
  • Plague Puppy & T Minus 9-11 Book
  • Plague Puppy's Videos & 9-11 Info
  • Gallerize: T Minus 9-11 & The Spiritual Science Of Light
  • Paranormal News
  • The Antechamber: V.K. Durham Exposes International Banking & Finance Conspiracies
  • Snowshoe Films: Social Justice & 9-11 Inquiry
  • The New Pearl Harbor
  • 9-11: Inside Job - Jim Marrs
  • Warren Commission: JFK Coverup Exposed
  • Americans For A Free America - Exposing Mind Control
  • Mind Control Technology, Techniques, & Politics
  • Reptilian Research: Symbols & Pictures
  • 911 Review
  • 911 Closeup
  • 911 Wide Open
  • Feet To The Fire - Talk Radio Show
  • Taking Aim - Ralph Schoenman Radio Show
  • Want To Know: Revealing Cover-Ups
  • SauderZone: Richard Sauder, Ph.D. - Underground Bases & More
  • Sound & Fury Productions - Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (Aspartame)
  • Fear Or Love & 9-11 The Great Illusion
  • Into The Buzzsaw: Media Coverups
  • Goro Adachi's Research
  • Press Action
  • The 911 Hoax
  • Urantia Book, ACIM, & MK-ULTRA
  • Liberty Bound - The Movie
  • The Pentagon Strike Deception
  • The Truthseeker
  • The UK Dossier Site
  • Conspiracy News Network
  • Meria's Radio Show & Guests
  • Dave McGowan's Center For An Informed America
  • 911 Truth Campaign
  • Free Market News
  • Sue The REAL Terrorists
  • The Watcher Files
  • Adepts Of Deceit
  • Chaos Across America
  • 911 In Plane Sight - Download
  • KillTown Reports
  • WING Independent News Group TV
  • Campaign For Honest Government
  • Information Inquest
  • Michael Williams: Government Harrassment, The NWO, Lennon Assassination
  • Fletcher Prouty Archives
  • 9-11 In Plane Sight: Video Documentary
  • The Old American Century vs The New American Century
  • Huge Questions About 9-11
  • 911 Research
  • Assassination Science
  • Global Elite Research
  • Muckraker Report - S. Carolina Libertarians
  • Atlantis, Alien Visitation, & Genetic Manipulation Book
  • Lost Arts Media - Secrets & Mysteries
  • Blatant Truths Of 9-11
  • Jesus Never Existed? Astrotheology & Elite Use Of Religions To Withold Knowledge & Manipulate The Public With The Mythic Stories Containing Coded Information
  • Welfare State For The Elite
  • 911 Truth Los Angeles Group
  • 911 Citizens Watch
  • Justice For 911
  • Conspiracy & Mind Control Resources
  • Zephnet - Zeph Daniel, Illuminati Mind Control Victim
  • Support The Truth
  • Masonic Info Pro & Con
  • Exposing The Satanists
  • Black Box Voting: Vote Fraud Research
  • VoterGate TV - Vote Fraud Info & Video
  • The 2004 Stolen Election
  • Real News 24/7
  • NWO WarRoom Forum
  • Illuminati Symbolism
  • Equal Justice Foundation
  • Free Political Documentaries
  • Kathleen Sullivan's Mind Control/Ritual Abuse Resources
  • True Democracy
  • Karl Schwarz Exposes The Criminal Elites
  • Progressive Press: War On Freedom
  • Online Book: The Nazi Hydra In America
  • U.S. Elite Depopulation Agenda
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dark Associations Exposed
  • Malevolent Alien Abduction Research
  • The Serpents Of Wisdom
  • Gnostic Media: The Pharmacratic Inquisition
  • The Institute Of Unlearning [When Most Of What You've Learned Is False It's Time To "Unlearn"!]
  • Global News Matrix
  • Johnny Gosch & Elite Pedophilia Network
  • The Total 411 News
  • Interfaith Alliance For 9-11 Truth
  • Truth Publishing
  • Eric Hufschmid's 9-11 Research
  • India Daily's Suppressed Science Reports
  • Re-Open 911 (Includes Free DVD Offer)
  • 911 Blogger
  • Martial Law 911: Rise Of The Police State - Alex Jones Film
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    Book Resources

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    13 Cubed: Case Studies In Mind Control & Programming, by Stewart Swerdlow
    The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistleblowers, & The Cover-Up, by Sander Hicks

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